Relevance & value

The most important issue that I see in society-scale race, class, gender, etc. relations is relevance/value.

Whose lives, livelihoods, and educations are protected/ensured?
Whose ease/comfort is valued?
Which speakers are listened to?
Which ideas become mainstream?
Which cultures (norms, customs, sanctions/laws, etc.) are accommodated?
Who/what is considered beautiful?
Who gets the big starring roles?
Whose music gets widely played, which stories get widely told, and what food is usually served?
What news gets reported?
What languages are learned, and how are they used?
Which holidays are celebrated?
Which versions of history are preserved and taught?
And so forth.



I wish that STEM people would focus on better understanding the human brain and on helping humans transcend our biological limitations (e.g., by building non-invasive neural interfaces, organizing hive minds (without loss of individuality), consciousness archives to cheat death and mentally live on without struggle to some degree, etc.), rather than on building super-intelligent artificial intelligence(s) (AI) that could lead to mass unemployment and Terminator-type scenarios. I understand the desire to have robots do things for us, but doing things for ourselves, even if on only some mental level, keeps us relevant. Do we really value AI more than our own I?