Womanly male desire

In our species, males are modified females (i.e., a smaller/simpler Y chromosome modifies a larger/more-complex X chromosome, men have breasts that can be made functional with the right hormone treatment, etc.). If a man is celibate for long enough (several months), his attraction/libido cycle can start to resemble that of a woman, namely: about a week of very low sexual desire, a week of rising desire, a week of high desire, and a week of waning desire. The cycle repeats every month, like a woman’s monthly cycle. During the week of low desire, almost no one looks attractive — just a bunch of bodies of different shapes and sizes. During the week of high desire, almost everyone, regardless of sex/gender, looks somehow attractive. The spectrum is quite extreme. If more men would try this, I suspect they would have less confusion about how women’s (and perhaps people who are somewhere in between male and female) hormonal/attraction cycle might feel.


2 thoughts on “Womanly male desire

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