Global moral decline

I see many trends in societies around the world towards greater indulgence, lasciviousness, crassness, and violence. Everyday clothing is slowly tending towards nudity (e.g., women’s leggings being worn as pants), even for people in monogamous relationships/marriages. Mass media is slowly including more cursing, sex, violence, lavish materialism, and dysfunctional families — do you remember when Bart Simpson’s saying “I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?” was considered edgy? Cable TV channels and blockbuster films often insert f-bombs, nudity, and gore into shows for no reason that serves the story. Hardcore porn sites are among the most popular on the Web, and are running softer things like Playboy out of the porn business. Governments are slowly legalizing stronger intoxicants (e.g., pot). Beautiful natural places are turning into high-traffic theme parks to such an extent that some countries are having to shut down tropical islands to let them recover. Child-sex tourism and human trafficking, along with indentured servitude and slavery, are becoming more common. Religions are having to relax their rules or practices, or risk losing membership. People increasingly waste food or over-eat to the point of obesity and diabetes, quickly buy and throw away non-biodegradable plastics, drive giant cars, live in giant houses, use inorganic pesticides and rearrange genetics for higher crop yields without regard for the long-term consequences… and on and on.

Before the industrialization of the 1800s, this planet was able to sustain up to a few hundred million humans for many thousands of years. Now, it has over 7.4 billion, and is rising with no end/control in sight.


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