Science is (inter)subjective

Despite scientists’ and popular cultures’ many claims of science’s objectivity and universality, (I have a social science PhD and some natural science training and) I have never seen a scientific study or theory that completely removed human subjectivity — e.g., that was not conceived, conducted, or interpreted by humans working in their everyday states of mind — or that was done from start-to-finish by non-humans. Asian philosophies often claim that everyday consciousness is dominated by either learned or evolved biases and prejudices, and that meditation or psychotropic drugs can break down those biases and allow a more unfiltered view of reality. It might be interesting to study whether, and what, biases can be removed by various types/degrees of meditations or drugs, and whether one could conceive, conduct, or interpret experiments with less subjective bias from within such states. It might not be so different than how people sometimes say that an idea came to them in a dream.


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